Marketing Analytics Case Memo Presentation Schedule

Regan Donoughe 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Mary Ann Eckman 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Emily Egensperger 9/30 (ANOVA, t-test), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)
Zach Ensman 9/30 (ANOVA, t-test), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)
Morgan Feeney 9/30 (ANOVA, t-test), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)
Julia Gilliam 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Alexander Holtom 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)
Taylor Mulder 9/30 (ANOVA, t-test), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)
Morgan Poczekaj 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Robert Simmons 9/30 (ANOVA, t-test), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)
Jeurell Smith 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Zachary Thompson 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Jacob Watkins 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Ben Zirzow 9/30 (ANOVA, t-test), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)

Experiencing Qualitative Research, by Focus Group discussion


Did you (as the moderator) notice that:

1. It is sometimes hard to correctly interpret the responses?
2. There is extreme dependence on the performance of the moderator (you) !?
3. Coding and analysis is cumbersome (necessary)?
4. The group is not representative of the general population – we have a mixed classroom!
5. The results are subject to researcher or client bias?

Plus, the environment and your preparation is essential!







MKTG 3100 Pharmaceutical companies (groups) announced

Team a:
Kaleena Armstrong
Tyler Batten
Austin Wells
Jingzhi Lin

Team b:
Lindsey Duncanson
Steele Gaumer
Cody Stanley
Audrey Vrancken

Team c:
Amanda Piet
PJ Svigel
Alexa Taylor
Landis Woltz

Team d:
Nick Snabes
Taylor Davis
Jeff Dunatchik
Paris Ring

Team e:
Michael Willham
Brady Willis
Yi Lu (Carol)
Annie Mackowick

Team f:
Wesley Thompson
Linjia Qin (Joyce)
David Langly
Rylie Markle
Javon Carter

Course materials fully launched!

Principles of Marketing, Research in behavioral theories (Marketing Research), Marketing Analytics. What a busy and fruitful semester to be expected! Course materials for Fall 2015 are fully launched by the links in the menu on the right hand side. You will find these folders updated all through the semester and visit back regularly to check any updates.

See you in class!

Source: from Internet

Source: from Internet

Creative Design Winners!

Let me announce the winners for our New Shoes Creative Design competition, according to the voting!
United Shoes company won the Email design, obtaining extra $1,000,000!
Clean Stride company won the Print Ad. work, with extra $1,500,000!
Scarpa company won the Logo, Webpage, and Facebook Advert designs, obtaining extra $3,500,000!

I’ve put them into your company’s cumulative net profit! Great work. Expect your Marketing Plan presentations soon!

Marketing simulated competition Creative Design Winners

Marketing simulated competition Creative Design Winners

MKTG 3100 New Shoes companies (groups) announced

Team a:

Mitchell Edwards
Taylor Lindsey
Dylan Schalmo
Chelsea Snyder

Team b:
Stephen Rudowicz
Elizabeth Engle
Sarah Lemanski
Luke Crea

Team c:

David Seckel
Mackenzie Gerdes
Lane Champa
Brandon Bruner

Team d:

Jessica Wenger
Lingrong Wu
Steven Stone
Eric Heinsen

Team e:

Donovan Crippen
Taylor Mulder
Domenic Palleschi
Julia Gilliam

Team f:

Mary Eckman
Katherine Bohanan
Yiwei Lin
Alexander Holtom