What is the ideal sample size for your research?

Now, it is time to use a scientific way to calculate the ideal sample size for your research project. Complete the task and bring the solution of problem 1 to class, by next Wednesday (Nov. 4) – this is your quiz problem for this week.

At the same time, develop your codebook in a word document for SPSS data input, following the codebook example I’ve shared.

4th Otterbein Analytics Career Panel. Welcome!

On Nov. 9, Monday, Otterbein University’s Center for Career $ Professional Development (CCPD), Otterbein AMA chapter will host an analytics career night featuring a three-person panel. The event will start promptly at 5:30 p.m. in Roush 114.

Panelists include:

Tim Wilson – Senior Partner at Analytics Demystified, a full-service digital analytics consultancy that created both Web Analytics Wednesday and Analysis Exchange to grow and strengthen the digital analytics community. Tim runs the monthly Web Analytics Wednesdays meet ups in Columbus, and he is the co-host of the Digital Analytics Power Hour, a bi-weekly podcast. Tim has been digital marketing and analytics professional for 13 years. Previously, he served as the Director of Measurement and Analytics at Resource Interactive, where he has worked for 3 years with a range of consumer brands, including HP, P&G, Limited Brands, and Nestle Purina. He also worked at Nationwide Insurance, Bulldog Solutions (a B-2-B marketing agency), and National Instruments. He graduated with a degree in Art and Design (Architecture) from MIT and completed his MBA at the University of Texas.

Allison Mendenhall, Manager of Advanced Analytics, Bath & Body Works Direct. Her team conducts web and customer analytics, email segmentation, testing program, and marketing attribution. Larger testing initiatives include email contact frequency and mobile optimization involving extended testing periods, cross-functional partnership, and complex analysis. Previously, she has been working for Victoria’s Secret Direct in Customer Analytics and space planning. Allison graduated from Ohio University with the degree in Finance and Marketing.

DeMichael Brown, Digital Analyst, Highlights for Children. DeMichael is responsible for analyzing and identifying opportunities from digital and online data sources including website behavior, current marketing programs, campaign planning, A/B testing, lift analysis, and translating data into meaningful summaries and recommendations for leadership. Previously, DeMichael worked for Highlights for Children as an Associate Campaign Analyst and has been in digital marketing area for years. Hailing from Tennessee, DeMichael graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelors in Logistics. While working for Manta Media he was introduced to the world of analytics by a former colleague. With his new found passion for analytics in hand, he began working for Highlights for Children on Marketing Campaign and Web Analytics.

The schedule of events follows:

5:30-6:15 p.m. : Panelists discussion of what managers look for in an intern or entry-level hiring decisions, how to get a job in the business/web analytics industry, and how to get your first promotion.

6:15 – 6:30 p.m.: Question and answer from the audience (i.e., students)


Otterbein Analytics Career Panelist 2015

Bonus Point opportunity for MKTG 3850 Marketing Analytics students

Up to this point, in addition to basic descriptive statistics, we have covered the four main types of methods applied to Marketing Analytics – Inferential Analysis, Mean Comparison Analysis, Association Analysis, and Prediction Analysis with increasing complexity of analysis. Before we move on to more advanced analytics toolkits such as cluster analysis, factor analysis and conjoint analysis, let’s review the topics by completing this task.

Please find the table summary of these methods, in terms of purposes, variables involved, test statistics, hypotheses, SPSS operations as well as the interpretations/applications in marketing context, with sample answers to the first two methods. Complete the table summary by Oct. 29 for bonus points. Some discussions with more data examples will be introduced in class.

Expect your summary!

Marketing Analytics Case Memo Presentation Schedule

Regan Donoughe 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Mary Ann Eckman 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Emily Egensperger 9/30 (ANOVA, t-test), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)
Zach Ensman 9/30 (ANOVA, t-test), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)
Morgan Feeney 9/30 (ANOVA, t-test), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)
Julia Gilliam 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Alexander Holtom 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)
Taylor Mulder 9/30 (ANOVA, t-test), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)
Morgan Poczekaj 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Robert Simmons 9/30 (ANOVA, t-test), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)
Jeurell Smith 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Zachary Thompson 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Jacob Watkins 10/22 (Correlation/Regression), 11/19 (Conjoint Analysis)
Ben Zirzow 9/30 (ANOVA, t-test), 11/5 (Cluster Analysis)

Experiencing Qualitative Research, by Focus Group discussion


Did you (as the moderator) notice that:

1. It is sometimes hard to correctly interpret the responses?
2. There is extreme dependence on the performance of the moderator (you) !?
3. Coding and analysis is cumbersome (necessary)?
4. The group is not representative of the general population – we have a mixed classroom!
5. The results are subject to researcher or client bias?

Plus, the environment and your preparation is essential!







MKTG 3100 Pharmaceutical companies (groups) announced

Team a:
Kaleena Armstrong
Tyler Batten
Austin Wells
Jingzhi Lin

Team b:
Lindsey Duncanson
Steele Gaumer
Cody Stanley
Audrey Vrancken

Team c:
Amanda Piet
PJ Svigel
Alexa Taylor
Landis Woltz

Team d:
Nick Snabes
Taylor Davis
Jeff Dunatchik
Paris Ring

Team e:
Michael Willham
Brady Willis
Yi Lu (Carol)
Annie Mackowick

Team f:
Wesley Thompson
Linjia Qin (Joyce)
David Langly
Rylie Markle
Javon Carter