Principles of Marketing, Research in Behavioral Theories Materials updated

Principles of Marketing, Research in Behavioral Theories course materials have been updated in the category menu on the right – MKTG 3650 and MKTG 3100. MKTG 3100 Section 02, Section 03 share the materials, with minor time differences in the final marketing plan presentation time.



Marketing Research Presentation III


Miss. Sangsang Lin’s “Dell Computer’s Market share”

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Mr. Pat Teynor’s “What motivates an individual to participate in intramural sports at Otterbein?”

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Mr. Josh Young’s “How Much Fun Do We Have At Otterbein?”

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Mr. Michael Tighe’s “What consumers are considering when purchasing headphones?”

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Miss. Bryn Allen’s “AdvoCare: Are results more important than health?”

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AMA Student Chapter Meeting

For anyone who is interested in Marketing, Audra Kohler and Michael Sullivan are organizing a student chapter of the American Marketing Association.
A brainstorming and organizing meeting will be held on Monday, Nov. 18, at 6 p.m. in Roush 117. Welcome!

Behavioral Research – Let the data speak now…

Assignment 3 for MKTG 3650 has been assigned and you can find it under MKTG 3650- Quiz, Problems, Assignment РAssignment category. It is due Nov. 20, Wednesday.

Starting from 1st assignment “Discovering Story from the data” (by learning briefly how data looks like in Graphs, distributions), to the 2nd assignment “What’s wrong with the questionnaire” when you identified different types of scales for variables from the same data set, now it is time to “Let the data speak”! As a summary of statistic methods applied to marketing or behavioral research, problems in assignment 3 guides you gradually dig further into the data set and conduct various types of analyses, helping you learn better about the online purchase behavior. Similarly, you are going to let your data speak in your own research work. Have your SPSS data set ready, we are going to tell more stories! Expect your work!