Winter begins. Semester begins…

A lot of snow.
Keep warm…

Please find course materials updated for principles of marketing, and digital marketing (new!). Visit back regularly to check any updates.

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Photo by TrinityItachi.

Photo by TrinityItachi


MKTG 3100 New Shoes companies (groups) announced

Team a:

Mitchell Edwards
Taylor Lindsey
Dylan Schalmo
Chelsea Snyder

Team b:
Stephen Rudowicz
Elizabeth Engle
Sarah Lemanski
Luke Crea

Team c:

David Seckel
Mackenzie Gerdes
Lane Champa
Brandon Bruner

Team d:

Jessica Wenger
Lingrong Wu
Steven Stone
Eric Heinsen

Team e:

Donovan Crippen
Taylor Mulder
Domenic Palleschi
Julia Gilliam

Team f:

Mary Eckman
Katherine Bohanan
Yiwei Lin
Alexander Holtom

MKTG3100 New Shoes companies

Here are the grouping information for New Shoes Simulation companies.

Groups for MKTG 3100 Section 01 (8:00am morning section):

Group A:

Kayla Bean
Donovan Crippen
Timothy McClain

Group B:

Jennifer Davis
Zach Ensman
Nate Lawrence

Group C:

Hannah Delemeester
Ben Hamilton
Emma Shipkowski

Group D:

Rachel Kerr
Greg Moomaw
Tiffany Patterson

Group E:

Mackenzie Majeskie
Michael Williams
Houlin Zhou
Morgan Feeney

Group F:
Alex Port
Conner Schmidt
Myranda Wolfe


Groups for MKTG 3100 Section 02 (1:15pm afternoon section):

Group A:

Sean Allen
Caitlin Stewart
Eric Wolff

Group B:

Karen Brady
Katie Jump
Luke Kindelin

Group C:

Jenna Kelly
Cal Thompson
Binwei Yang

Group D:

Megan Foust
Connor Lucas
Yongjun Zhi

Group E:

Christina Rossi
James Waterwash
Kyle Belback

Group F:

Sean Brewster
Alec Boggs
Breanne Shrigley
Haowen Yu

Please know each other better by exchanging contact information. Each team needs to assign a leader, and name your company. Email me with your company name and leader’s name by Tuesday, Feb. 11.