Imported beers in Kroger store

Students from Principles of Marketing course are working on perceptual map of Kirin beer (a Japanese brand) among other competitive imported beers in U.S. market. When I shopped around in Kroger store near school, I found most brands we covered in the data set for positioning analysis. Sharing some photos in store, and think about how we interpret the FANCY 3D interactive perceptual map into managerial suggestions… How would you help Kirin beer to position themselves?











Country-of-origins of the beers in our case data:

Heineken (Netherlands)
Amstel Light (Netherlands)
Bass (England)
Becks (Germany)
St. Pauli (Germany)
Corona (Mexico)
Dos Equis (Mexico)
Molson (Canada)
Moosehead (Canada)

Sapporo (Japan)
Kirin (Japan)


Kirin Ichiban I found in Columbus!

Look what I found this weekend 🙂

For Principles of Marketing students, would you like to try it after finishing the case study for “Kirin Ichiban’s positioning in U.S. import beer market”? Fit with your findings from the Perceptual Map?! Share with us!





2nd phase of Marketing class

As I mentioned in the beginning of the semester, there are three modules of Principle of Marketing class. Now, we are entering the second phase of this class, by introducing Marketing Engineering to you, future business practitioners! A few datasets are shared under category of MKTG 3100-Case Assignment on the right hand side. Let’s start applying analytics in Marketing, by focusing on the fundamentals: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning!

perception map, segmentation, targeting, positioning

A perceptual map developed to capture two key value dimensions across countries. Source: Strangemaps