MKTG3100 New Shoes companies Announced

Thank you for your patience. Here is the list of members in New Shoes game!

Group A:

Ashley Meade
Keegan Parsons
Brent Meininger

Group B:

Jenna Clark
Amanda Meade
Nicholas Kohl
Jake Roszman

Group C:

Will Brett
Kayla Woodard
Nikki/Kristin Hammond
Kevin Adell

Group D:

Willy Willson
Lexie/Alexa Ley
Christian Brett
Derek Farnlacher

Group E:

Alix Heitmeyer
Melissa Zang
Ian Truax
Cory Wunderle

Group F:

Scott Stornes
Andrea Thomas
Perry Reynolds
An Chen

Please know each other better by exchanging contact information. Each team needs to decide a leader, and name your company. Email me with your company name and leader’s name by Tuesday, Sep. 9.

Practice Round of the game begins on Sep. 9. You will have one week to make your first decision for your company. Before entering any marketing decisions, you need to first initialize the company name to start! Have fun!


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