Grouping for Simulation

Here are the grouping information for New Shoes Simulation.

Team Projects for MKTG 3100 Section 01 (8:00am morning section):

Group A:

Hannah Dixon
Marty Dunn
Wade D’Andrea

Group B:

Drew Martindale
Megan Sinneway
Michael Tighe
Zhenyan Zhou

Group C:

Jordan Schrader
Cameron Elavsky
Dylan Stegall

Group D:

Tyler Rose
Jenn Vermilion
Bryn Allen

Group E:

Sangsang Lin
Josh Young
Jasmine Troyer
Anthony Reinhard

Team Projects for MKTG 3100 Section 02 (1:15pm afternoon section):

Group A:

Dillon Cordray
Taylor Ellis
Nicole Kostiuk

Group B:

Chelsea Collins
Travis Jones
Aaron McPherson

Group C:

Grant Patch
Chuck Thacker
Marta Watson

Group D:

Ellie Hoffman
Will Sipe
Amritha Abeyasekera

Group E:

Ryan Burton
Kyle Kapps
Kate Elam

Group F:

Eva Atriano
Brice Frentzel
Peter Perdas

Please know each other better by exchanging contact information. Each team needs to choose a leader, and name your group. Email me with your group name and leader’s name by Friday, Sep. 13.


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